Militias and Mattresses at Tryon Palace


Twice a year, Tryon Palace opens its lawn and gardens to patrons for camping. Tryon Palace was the first Royal Government seat in the thirteen colonies under King George III and built in the late 1760s. The event was amazing! I was so impressed by every single thing that the organization did. When we arrived I was questioning my ability to “camp” with my mother (visiting from Missouri) and my three small children, one who is awake nursing most of the night and teething miserably. Within minutes of our arrival a volunteer came over with a garden cart and begins loading our things and hauling it to the lawn! I was pleasantly surprised. I tried to sit Atlas (the baby) down and he of course started screaming so this volunteer and my mother pitched the tent. They both deserve a cookie. Speaking of sweets, I purchased our camp site (it’s a fundraiser for the palace) for $60 and with that money I received loads of help from volunteers for set up, shoving air mattresses into small tents and break down. It included our dinner, which was really good, Smores, Bounce houses, Colonial era games, a magician, Storytellers, Sing a longs, plant identification glow stick walk, a mini militia, a wonderful drum circle, breakfast AND PEACE AND QUIET.

At 10 pm they announced lights out and for about twenty minutes I sat in silence staring up at the stars, my children slept, the children and families around us respected the rule and were quiet. . .The only movement was the airplane I mistook for a star. The blazing September sun gave way to a cool Trent River breeze and suddenly we were successfully camping. 21743143_10159455657480533_7730872570436459362_n

Being out with children is hard. It just is. I do not believe that it comes easily for anyone, definitely not me. The most difficult part about camping with these boys was that 9 month old, crawling Atlas puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. He ate leaves, rocks, paper, bugs, you name it. IMG_1443

I do it anyway because when a man in colonial garb hands your weapon obsessed military child a mock musket and bayonet he comes to life. His language is spoken and he is plugging his ears for a pretend cannon fire against the British. Learning is taking place and History is coming alive for my child. My husband and I have a pretty extensive love for history, if you ever want to hear the whole story pitch your tent next to ours at the next Lanterns on the Lawn and say yes to adventure.


Wild and Free

When Greg and I found out we were pregnant, I in graduate school and he working and waiting for a military waiver, we could have never imagined the life we are leading. I would have laughed if someone would have told me that 6 years later I’d be spending my days homeschooling, doula-ing and washing flight suits.

yet. . .

That’s a good portion of my day, but the moments are infused with so much more than that and opportunities appear everywhere if you’re willing to say YES! Many of our followers probably believe that the concept of world schooling our kids was a recent and rash decision, but it was not.

Some people have financial based prenuptials, but Greg and I’s was of a different nature. When Greg proposed I was very forthcoming in what I wanted for my life. I have been a travel junky for as long as I can remember, I got degrees in subjects that encouraged exotic travel, so the idea of marrying a military man and having a brood of military babies and being all domestic was not on my agenda.

“Every time you leave the country I am too.”

With a chuckle and nod he agreed and I have held him to it. This is where it started folks. Pre-babies, pre-four moves, pre-homeschooling, pre-hippie, pre-mother marine corps, pre-homebirths. It started here. This is what this blog is about. My mainstream husband marrying a gypsy and living both lives simultaneously with as much Grace as we can muster. All while raising three young boys to be the truest version of themselves. The blog of our daily adventure driven, slightly domesticated, lives starts here.