Carter Mountain Orchard


Friends, I am behind!! Of course, I’m behind due to some very fun travels that you’ll hear about soon 😉 Here in North Carolina, apple orchards are like mythical unicorns. You really want to believe they’re right down the road and not 5 hours away deep in the swerving mountains of Virginia, but alas, Charlottesville, VA is where we went. 

I was first introduced to this beautiful, mountain top orchard back in 2013. Desperate to find a quiet place in the craziness of Washington D.C. HOV lanes, we traveled south with our then 14 month old and pregnant with Mr. Rhodes. We fell in love with the drive and the views. We would come back two weeks later and then proceed to miss this special place for the next 4 years. 

This time was exceptionally chaotic and fun because we met our previous neighbors there (now stationed near Washington D.C.)

When homeschooling/travel schooling, I tend to pack books that aid in our learning and bring a little tiny bit of structure to something that could otherwise be a crazy fury of apple cores. The orchard as a facility helped me greatly has they had interactive trivia boards everywhere and fun visuals for the kids. I brought a book about apple orchards (a girl who goes on a field trip to one) and we worked on our variety identification and based on what we learned we tried to pin down what varieties of apples we would be allowed to harvest that day at Carter Mountain. 


Due to the steepness of the mountain, a person cannot leave clean. You have to hike quite a bit and reach taller than you thought your arms capable, but the fruit is perfection. If picking fruit is not something you find necessary, Carter Mountain Orchard is still worth your time for history’s sake. Thomas Jefferson gifted the Mountain to, his then neighbors, and in 1912 the mountain opened as a public orchard and has been open ever since. Get out there and enjoy the beauty friends, it’s worth the drive.