Episode 3: From Mainstream to Worldschooling

In Episode 3 of The Wild Bradbury Podcast I discuss:

  • Our ideals as newly weds fresh out of college.
  • The slippery slope to becoming “crunchy.”
  • How our perspective of what schooling looks like changed.
  • How once we reached the homeschooling level and then made the leap to world schooling.
  • The parental decision making process that we all face.

I hope you enjoy it and thank you for listening!

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Episode 2: The Me Before Him

In Episode 2 of the Wild Bradbury Podcast we discuss:

  • My pre-marriage passions and YOURS
  • Mainstream definitions of self-care
  • What self-care should mean to properly care for yourself
  • Passions feeding your soul and families
  • Honoring the passion and hobbies of your pre-family self

Thank you for sticking around and listening!

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Episode 1: Introducing the Wild Bradburys

Welcome to the FIRST EVER Wild Bradbury Podcast Episode!! In this PILOT (Hahaha husband joke) Episode we will discuss:

  • Introduction to each family member
  • Personality “quirks”
  • How the Podcast came to be
  • The Culture of our Family
  • Plans to continue to shift that ideal and maintain the culture we have put in place.

I’m so happy you’re with us for the journey.

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