Episode 18-Season Spaces and Your Seasonal Sanity

In this Episode of The Wild Bradbury Podcast I do a follow up on the importance of spaces in your home, especially so during the holiday season. The rules I follow to manage my small home.

  • How I decorated my small space to make it feel warm and festive without being claustrophobic.
  • Making space for new things.
  • Every toy has a home moms.
  • How to get gift chaos put away and controlled so you can focus on hosting that big dinner.
  • Not purchasing things that do not have a place within your home.
  • Hanging on to things due to sentimental guilt.
  • You don’t owe ANYONE space within your home.

These are a few of our decorated spaces. . .

I hang fresh greenery and lots of it! A simple Dickens Christmas accessory. I adore the smells, the pops of green and it is high enough that the children cannot mess with it much! It is also very easy to make yourself or can be purchased from just about anywhere. The BEST PART is that you don’t have to store it from year to year. When it dries and no longer serves you, you can burn it in a fire pit or put it out with the “Green Recycling.” The Greenery takes up no space in your life long term, but makes for a stunning and festive ambience.

My children love to craft ALL THE THINGS!! I decorate with their festive creations each and every year. The boys are far less likely to mess with mommy’s decorations if they are self made. They don’t want to destroy anything they worked hard on. THEREFORE, I also put their decorations on things that I do not want them to touch. For example, the homemade snow owl pinecones are on the back of my stove (I do not want them touching the stove).

In case you prefer to watch the podcast recording on YouTube, here you go!

As always, thank you so much for watching and listening, viewing and liking, it never goes unnoticed or unappreciated! Take care of yourself and each other.

Blessed Yule Preparations

Posted by The Wild Bradburys on Saturday, December 21, 2019

We are over halfway through the twelve days of Yule and the festivities are in full swing! Our first night was surrounded in Solstice light and the warmth of our Yule log. I’ll post a final run down of how our holiday unfolded once it is complete!

Thank you for joining us, we are wishing you light in the darkness.

Hallstatt On My Mind

I must have dreamed about this place last night. I woke up this December morning with Hallstatt, Austria heavily on my mind. One of the hardest parts about traveling, in my opinion, is that you fall in love with locations, populations of people, cultures as you go. When you go to plan another trip you feel draw to return to that feeling you felt at a place you’ve already visited, but your adventurous spirit wants to see it all. If I could return time and time again to two countries; they would be Greece and Austria. I adore them both so strongly for entirely different reasons and feelings.

Austrian culture tends to be embedded with a deep love of architecture and respect for all things tradition and craftsmanship. I do not know if everyone feels the same draw after visiting Austria, or if its a deep respect I’ve gained for that mindset through my upbringing and archaeological degrees, but I love it so. I would love to hear others experience’s in Austria, as mine seems to be a perfect memory of strudels in Hallstatt, Mozart and long walks in Salzburg and History immersion in Vienna. I’m hoping to revisit these feelings the Fall, while adding a little new adventure as well.

Fort Macon Beach, North Carolina

I received a few requests as of late for more photos and videos. For those that are only following our blog and none of our other platforms I will start moving some of our youtube channel content over to the blog as well! Although we are now stationed in San Diego, CA and it has its own beach atmosphere, I think I will always love the beaches of North Carolina more. If not for the amazing shelling opportunities then for the fact that you can actually be alone on the beach. . .

Episode 17-Enjoying the Dark Time of the Year

In this Episode of The Wild Bradbury Podcast I discuss:

  • Staging your spaces for a peaceful mental health holiday.
  • How to fool proof your guest list.
  • Caring for your mental health and in return preserving the holiday magic.
  • Mom as the Christmas Magic Makers.
  • How important smells, sounds and ambience is to internal holiday joy.
  • Creating less greedy kids.
  • Making your own traditions apart from your upbringing.

Our Danish Pen Pal Christmas Tidings Box!

About 6 weeks ago I met another world schooling mother online who was incredibly surprised to find that the boys and I had traveled to Denmark. She and her husband are living my Homestead dreams in Northern Denmark and they have three girls the same ages as our three boys. We decided to become “pen pals” and exchange fun little things, language, art, etc. Building a relationship between each other and our children in the hopes of someday meeting in our travels.

Episode 16-A Tribute to Turkey

In this Episode of The Wild Bradbury Podcast we discuss:

  • Traditional Islamic Culture (briefly)
  • Turkish Beach Resorts
  • Istanbul
  • Hagia Sophia
  • My Crazy Thanksgiving Week
  • A 20lb turkey vesus age 20 in turkey. . .

This is a lighter hearted episode. Some comedy. Some shock. Some advice. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Enjoy and thank you so much for listening!