Welcome to The Wild Bradbury Crew Miss Attica

On March 31st, 2020, we welcomed our daughter Attica to the family. She was born at home here in San Diego, CA. We streamed it live to Facebook and were shocked by the amount of people who tuned in to share this time with us. It was so much fun going back and looking at your comments after the birth and it also opened a huge window into what birth does and doesn’t look like for your families.

I hope by watching our most recent home birth that you are encouraged to try it with your future pregnancies. That you feel that you were witness to what childbirth can be. I hope that the beauty, power and calm that can be present were apparent. We loved sharing it with you. Below is the Home birth of Miss Attica, feel free to share! Normalizing childbirth, especially in the name of taking back home birth, is a huge passion project of mine.

Posted by Lydia Bradbury on Tuesday, March 31, 2020