2020 in Review

As I sit here in our home in the early days of the year 2021, I find myself quietly pondering this past year. For so many it was a year of turmoil and uncertainty. I can recognize that this family had it rather easy despite a deployment. I was a homeschooler pre-covid, a home birther pre-covid, a non eater outer pre-covid. So much of my life didn’t change and in some ways it changed for the better at just the right time. Covid began its surge days before I gave birth to our newest family member. Thus, forcing me to sit and enjoy her. Sit and observe my family. Rest, be still and content.

The side of covid that effected most people very minorly is the side of covid that devastated me. It clipped my wings, cemented my feet in a way I never imagined. I had plans this last fall to be back in Europe during my husband’s deployment. To squeeze friends I haven’t seen in a couple of years, to recharge my travel bug batteries and expose our newest passport carrier to everything that sets her mother a fire. When the world shut down to me experiencing it my ability to find inspiring things to write about shut down with it.

I have spent these first couple of days of 2021 attempting to revise my vision. The world may, very well, never open up to me again and I miss writing. I miss documenting the lives of these beautiful kids without the dark shroud of covid. Therefore, I will write. I will seek out adventure in whatever capacity it presents itself and I will find inspiration worthy moments. Moments that counteract the fear in our society today. Moments that remind you to take chances. Moments that temporarily blind us from the state of our country.

With motivation restored, I will be writing a weekly blog, maybe twice weekly if one post involves food (I love food). I will be attempting to post on instagram daily. The instagram post will funnel to the Wild Bradbury Facebook page for those using Facebook as a means of connection. My big goal is to also post a weekly YouTube video. The editing involved is a massive turn off for your girl here, but these kids are hilarious and it would be a shame to not hear these stories from them.

My hope for you this year is that you find time. Find the time to have the coffee with a friend. Find the time to take the longer route. Our worlds, however small they may feel, are fascinating places full of magic. The opportunity for adventure is everywhere.

Author: thewildbradburys

A mother to three boys and military spouse. I LOVE all things outdoors, travel and natural living inspired. My background is in archaeology/museum curation, but I'm also a certified birth and postpartum doula as well as placenta encapsulationist. I am always trying to build the tribe and encourage people to live to their fullest potential. The blog is primarily dedicated to traveling and exploring with kids and living a life of adventure.

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  1. Yes, life as we knew it has totally changed, but there are so many daily happenings that can make one smile and be thankful for having experienced them. LIFE is a challenge in its self . LIVE it without regret.

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