Full Moon Rising

What a week it has been over here at the Bradbury compound. The full moon greatly affects our children. Wow, does it ever. Years ago I became noticing the increase in emotion, disobedience and food intake during the full moon week (approximately 5 days on either side). I thought that it was just a coincidence, but as the children grew and I began studying astrological signs and star charts more, I realized that this was a real thing.

The benefit to knowing this is to be able to mentally prepare for the craziness that always ensues. This week was unreal though and I was not at all prepared for what it would bring.

Monday: I wake up to a GIGANTIC puddle of pee in the middle of my kitchen. HUGE. I, of course, have a 9×7 rug covering most of my kitchen floor. I know that’s weird, but I actually like it in there. The pee puddle was covering 2/3 of the rug. HUGE. Our dog, Ruby, hasn’t had an accident since she was like 8 weeks old, but it had to be her right? I couldn’t figure it out. This was far more than I had ever seen her pee. It was definitely pee. Saturated the rug, through the padding and puddling on the floor below. UGH. This is what I woke up to. Way to start a Monday. I also wasn’t able to get my run in on Monday because our 6 year old needed ALL the breaks during school.

There are a million reasons that I homeschool, time management is one of them, but he really just didn’t want to do anything and decided that that was the hill he wished to die on on Monday. Therefore, school took FOR-EVER, which ran into my run time. Mom’s sanity time.

Tuesday, school went better. My run was great. Then at dinner time while grilling burgers, the grill caught fire. Like really. Scorching dinner to an inedible crisp. Late Tuesday night a friend appeared on my doorstep in need of a glass of wine and some girl time (that makes two of us). Much later in the night (10pm) we are still visiting and Atlas comes out of his room, walking with intention across the kitchen pulling his penis out of his pants to pee. . .IN MY KITCHEN! He is completely asleep. I escort him to the bathroom, he goes and then back to bed.

So guess who the culprit of Monday morning’s pee puddle was?!?!? You guessed it.

Wednesday morning was uneventful, but I almost froze to death at Baseball practice later that evening.

Thursday morning I awoke to a flooded laundry room. Atlas had gotten up in the middle of the night to get a drink and forgot to turn our water filter off so it ran onto the floor the entire night. He may have been sleep walking, still unsure. I might have been crying by this point. Thursday night at 11pm the rain started.

Friday morning when I woke and it was still pouring outside about the last thing that I expected to see before my coffee was a dead gopher lying in the middle of my living room. A gift from our lovely doggy daughter. The rain didn’t let up all day. School went better, I got three different work outs in (two videos and a run), but of course I had to go to the grocery store in the rain. When I got home and unloaded the groceries the baby kept pulling the whip cream out of the refrigerator door and let’s be honest eventually I just let her have it. The photo represents my week so well.

When my dear friend down the street sent me a text saying “is it too early to start day drinking?” and offered to feed us dinner, I absolutely said yes to dinner.

When I got back home another dear friend had dropped off some dark chocolate for me. Thank goodness for good friends and chocolate.

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