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This is the not so positive post. No matter how wonderful a location is, no matter how much fun you are having, there are times when the cons are loud. In an attempt to be transparent and honest with you all I’m writing this post, which should be entitled “the things that really pissed me off.”

1) Despite the beauty of this city, and it is truly gorgeous, if I were to point the camera at the side walk and not at the steeples you would see a tremendous amount of trash and animal feces that we were dodging constantly. Kids do not dodge poop well.

2) I am so thankful that in a moment of genius I packed reusable grocery bags. Though a small thing, the grocery bags here hold almost no weight without ripping open and that’s when you’re lucky enough to get one with handles.

3) The lack of vegetables. In the Mexican people’s defense, if you put salsa on all of your food you are subsequently getting your vegetables, but they do not serve vegetables. I am desperate for some veggies.

4) Three year olds. Many of you have heard me say at some point that Rhodes introduced me to my least favorite age. Three has been a very real struggle for Rhodes and I. Insert picture.

5) it’s been as cold as an ice cube fart. It is seriously cold. For some reason bad weather follows me. Everytime this family goes anywhere we get “it hasn’t been like this in 30 years.” I checked the weather vigorously up until i handed greg our heavy coats in raleigh assured that the temps in mexico would be above 70 degrees the whole visit. Today has been our first day of sunshine in quite a few days.

6) Mexican time, I knew going into this trip that we would experience a lack of urgency to accomplish things once we got here. Not by myself, but by locals. It is just part of some cultures, Mexico is definitely one. I have gone back and forth a thousand times with the laundry mat lady. Her door says she’s open 8am to 8pm but I can never catch her in there prior to 1030am, during lunch 11ish to 2 so I’m not sure when she works. Anyway the same goes for the expats here, all the Americans that live here have adopted this characteristic and my on time meant that I was alone in the building with my kids waiting for the presenter to show.

A little blurb about this photo of lux and the fountain, in regards to Mexico time, the huge Sunday market was supposed to open at 9am, we got there at 1015 and almost none of the vendors were open. So we wandered around trying to find things we hadn’t seen, taking pictures for the sake of pictures.

7) the kids and the summit conference. That experience has gone better than expected, but of course I’m still pulled in 4 directions tending to their needs while trying to listen to speakers. Luxor was committed to kid camp, he didn’t want to stop to eat, drink, go to the bathroom, etc. Rhodes was going back and forth between being inside with me and outside at kid camp. Atlas was with me inside where the speakers were, but much happier to be outside. They have set up a small kids area inside, but that doesn’t stop the baby from dumping people’s coffee, eating the random food he finds, freaking out when he forgets where he put me, etc. I take the most of the conference in when atlas is asleep on me or nursing. Today I’m missing most of the conference because i chased Atlas around all morning missing most of the first few sessions and this afternoon lux fell asleep during lunch thus missing two afternoon sessions. There’s a lot of give in take going on. I’m trying hard to make it to my top two or three speakers a day and choosing not to care if we don’t. This conference is different than most; the speakers are other world schoolers so if there’s something I’m dying to know that I didn’t get to hear then I’ll just email them. The world keeps spinning.

exhausted and have a baby constantly hanging on me. It isn’t pretty, but it’s my reality.

8) not all world schooling families are friendly. My neighbors in the hotel are less than pleasant. She seems to not remember her children younger than age 12 so they are doing their best to drive me insane, but my control over the volume of a 5, 3 and 1 year old is minimal at best. So her constant complaining isn’t helping me achieve this measure.

9) this is the last booger of a thing that is a bit overwhelming right now, we are over eating quesadillas. The food is delicious, but a person can only eat tortillas for so many meals. Two weeks is apparently our mark. We are desperately regretting staying in a hotel versus an airbnb. The kitchen would be such a blessing right now.

I hope you all found some humor in this and not just negativity. This was my attempt to let you all in on a raw real life post. The positive rainbow farts and butterflies are in another post. Stay tuned.

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