Copenhagen Sunshine

Though we were only in rural Denmark for two days we had become experts on bus schedules to include odd holiday routes because of course we traveled over the Easter holiday week and weekend. To complicate things a little more the Thursday and Friday before Easter were government holidays and different bus schedules, but the Saturday before Easter was not. . .So on a clear Saturday morning our hostel host loaded all of our luggage up in a trailer and drove us to the bus stop. We rode to the airport and finally got our Danish Krone from the currency exchange after three days of being in the country living off of the little bit I got out of the atm. 

We caught our connecting bus to the train station and got there with enough time to enjoy some food, Danish chocolate milk and ask the baker questions about all of the different types of bread.

We also had time to mail our first letter back to North Carolina.

Lux was over the moon with excitement to send his dear friend and neighbor Daniel some mail. 

Without any issues, we got on our train to Copenhagen. We sat next to a man and his wife. He spoke three languages and his native is Spanish as he is Columbian. I asked him what brought him to Denmark? His response will stay with me forever; “I followed a large chest here 19 years ago and the rest is history.” Not at all the response I was expecting, but I did ask so. He supplied the boys with an endless supply of chips and worked on their Spanish with them.


The train ride was beautiful, taking us under the North sea and Baltic sea more than once. You get to see so much more of the world when you travel by train. Lux now says that it is his favorite way to travel.

When we got to Central Station we connected to another train for one stop and then trekked the mile in snow with bags to our airbnb. What we are now referring to as the 21st century boarding house. It’s hard to hate it when all of the tenants and host have such wonderful intentions and I believe them to all be good people, but have mercy we are ready for our own space again.

Our host, Cornelia, is a massage therapist/Vegetarian/Steiner Mom/Linguist. She speaks 6 languages fluently, only eats things that are green and homeschooled her children in New Zealand. She is maybe 98lbs soaking wet and as gentle and kind as a fairy. Her daughter is exactly like her. 

There are theoretically 3 bedrooms, her daughter has one, the Japanese female tenant has one, and she rents the other to airbnb people (us). All five of us are in a tiny room, but we are making due just fine. So little importance is given to space here and in the netherlands. There is an Indian man renting the couch and the  owner actually sleeps on a thin mattress in the kitchen. . .It is very interesting. The Japanese woman makes dinner everynight at 8pm, the Indian man leaves every night around that time and usually returns very late. Watching the comings and goings of the other people living in this small house is quite entertaining in itself. 

We had a superb day of sightseeing and sunshine in Copenhagen. We greatly enjoyed the Crown Jewels and the deep history of the Copenhagen Royalty in Rosenborg Castle. We also did a few things more kid friendly and visited the Hans Christian Andersen Museum and went to find The Little Mermaid in the Harbor. The Mermaid was incredibly touristy with loads of people and tours, but I’ve always wanted to see her so we went. 


I have never been witness to a collection like that inside Rosenborg Castle. It was truly amazing and I’m so glad it was recommended to us. There are approximately 40 other things we wish we had time and weather for in Copenhagen; we will definitely be back someday!

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