Athens and Friends


We arrived in Athens desperate for sunshine and I on cloud nine to be back in Greece. I became an adult here, I learned how to love myself more than the company I kept and how to struggle with studies, laudry, food, friends, etc without the aid of parents. It was terrifying and liberating. This city knows me and I her. I had the most wonderful time showing my city to the boys. They are far too young to understand the realms of time so for them the term ‘ancient’, despite my efforts, is just a word, but we sure did have fun exploring what it means. 

I was able to share some of my favorite places and views with the boys, while also introducing them to some of my favorite people. We met up with my dear friend Vassilis for a day at the museum. Vassilis “Bill” and I have known each other almost a decade. Back when he was dating his now wife and we were both young and child-free. It was so good to see him. 

We also partied hard with new friends who we first met in Mexico in January and now spent two beautiful days with in Athens and Chalkida. I adore them and their endless amounts of knowledge and friendship. 


You really can’t go wrong with site seeing in Athens. The Acropolis museum is superb and very inexpensive, the Agoras are wonderful, Zeus’ temple is an all time favorite, day trips to sounio bay are amazing, Delphi is top notch, and the list goes on and on and don’t forget that the museums; Byzantine, Archaeology, Cycladic are all amazing as well. You could live there your whole life and not see everything so if you are planning a trip to Athens aim for late April (perfect weather and still low tourist season and low cost flights) and plan out your days or you will miss out, but always reserve at least one day or a two hour gap in each day for random encounters, frappes on the deck and taking in the views you stumble upon. 

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