Classroom of Crete


Crete is testing our tenacity and yet helping us develop some lovely learning habits. When we first arrived here, I had plans of using Amazon Prime to order more school supplies for us as we were on empty as far as workbooks, pencils, etc goes. Much to my dismay, amazon prime delivers here, but it is not a 48 hour cure all like in the U.S. more like a four week “maybe it will get here maybe it won’t” sort of deal. So, in the spirit of adventure we set out to find things to “make due” until our other things arrive. What we found has worked quite well. 

The workbooks are obviously in Greek, but the concept is still the same. What it has done for us though is given us a portable avenue to be among the locals, enjoying good food and learning at the same time. We now have a weekly/sometimes twice a week ritual of taking our workbooks to the square and having lunch while we people watch and learn Greek in our workbooks. The boys love it and the locals that we eat among seem to enjoy our efforts. The kids practice their numbers with our waiter and count change to get ice cream afterwards. We also like to sit there to people watch. It is interesting to see the people watching us as well. We are a conundrum to say the least. We do not look Greek, but we do not look like tourists. I drag a market bag everywhere and our workbooks are in Greek, but we are fair complected and light eyed. It’s fun to see what language people choose to greet us in. 

In the last week we have also found molding clay and playdoh, which are proving to be very useful school tools as well. I am currently looking into Greek language lessons and Greek dance lessons. The process of settling is slow, but constant. To aid in our book work we are learning by living everyday and visiting one to two places a week that shed more light on the region. So far we have visited the Venetian Fort (Rocca La Mare/Sea Rock), we had a great day at the Natural History Museum of Crete and later this week we are going to go to the Minoan Museum of Archaeology or to the palace of Knossos I haven’t decided which should come first the location where it was all found or everything that was found. ????. I’ll have to ask the boys what they think should come first. As it gradually climbs from 58 degrees to 85 degrees here from 7am to 3pm everyday, we are wishing you all spring weather back home and a sun kissed spirit.

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