Episode 22: A Shift In Spirituality

This is a big one. A huge change that occurred this year for our family and primarily for me. Spirituality is sensitive, it’s ever present, it’s strong, accessible and easy to hide if need be. I’m putting it out there. Way out there.

In this Episode of The Wild Bradbury Podcast I discuss:

  • How my religious views changed with the death of our baby.
  • Tying our passions to a faith.
  • Where is God in Grief?
  • What does changing religions look like for us?

Here is the live recording on Youtube!

Thank you so much for being here, I hope you find some inspiration in your week and some humor.

Author: thewildbradburys

A mother to three boys and military spouse. I LOVE all things outdoors, travel and natural living inspired. My background is in archaeology/museum curation, but I'm also a certified birth and postpartum doula as well as placenta encapsulationist. I am always trying to build the tribe and encourage people to live to their fullest potential. The blog is primarily dedicated to traveling and exploring with kids and living a life of adventure.

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