What a Wonderful World

GREEN. . .

It has long been my favorite color, primarily because of all the things that are green and what those things mean to me. Today Green, was a friendly reminder of all the reason why. Why we homeschool, why I choose to stay home with our children, why we grow our own food the best that we can, why I love Thursday afternoons so much, and the list goes on.

Today our oldest, Lux, asked “What are we doing for science today?” I simply said “you’re going to water the plants.” He retorted with “but I do that everyday with you.” He isn’t wrong, but what he is missing is the exploration that will take place naturally if mom is not there to supervise.

He came back through the house where I was cleaning my stove top (Thursdays are deep clean day here as well) he said “mom I noticed all kinds of things that I don’t think I’ve ever noticed before.” I asked him to elaborate:

“Well, the cantaloupe plants look droopy, but I think it’s because they are starting to vine. The Watermelon plants aren’t droopy at all, but they vine too right?? The Tulip bulbs that have sprouted have TONS of layers of leaves protecting the flower. ALSO, I think you bought some weed bulbs because those things that are coming up all over the yard don’t look very pretty. Did you BUY weed bulbs mom??”

“No, I don’t believe I did, but it is possible that the bag was mislabeled and something different than expected is coming up. How did the vegetable box in the backyard look?”

“Oh yeah! So I went back there to water and there’s these little tiny wildflower sprouts, but I don’t remember planting flowers in the vegetable box.”

“Those are not flowers. Those are carrots.”

“(eyes wide, kid loves himself some carrots) THEY START OUT THAT SMALL?”

“All things do sweetie, that’s part of what makes it so magical.”

“I’m going to go look at the carrots again and water the tulips again because clearly they are sensitive or they wouldn’t need so many layers of leaves AND THEN I’m going to lay in the hammock and look up in the tree.”

“That sounds like an excellent way to spend your time.”


“Yes Lux.”

“I’m glad I’m homeschooled.”

“Well that’s very nice to hear (we had one heck of a school week). Why is that?”

“Because our neighbors just got home from school and went inside to play video games. They have spent so much time not looking up in the trees that they have forgotten it is there.”

“And that’s what started this homeschooling journey to begin with.”

There are plenty of days when I feel like I’m failing. Many many times when I don’t have the patience I should. Even more times when I question if they are learning anything from me, but today is not that day. That very brief dialogue with our Lux will be one of the most profound moments of this month. Tomorrow he may hate me again for making him do cursive, or for looking at him the wrong way. But today, today while I started more seedlings by the kitchen sink, he spoke straight to my mama heart.

I hope that you felt validated in your efforts this week, but if you didn’t, they are listening. The validation is coming. Look for the subtle hints and enjoy the little dialogues full of big ideas and curiosity.

Author: thewildbradburys

A mother to three boys and military spouse. I LOVE all things outdoors, travel and natural living inspired. My background is in archaeology/museum curation, but I'm also a certified birth and postpartum doula as well as placenta encapsulationist. I am always trying to build the tribe and encourage people to live to their fullest potential. The blog is primarily dedicated to traveling and exploring with kids and living a life of adventure.

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