About The Bradburys

I’m a military wife, mother to three boys and avid traveler. We are stationed in North Carolina, but originally Kansas City Natives. We have big dreams of world schooling, flying, cooking, playing and meeting new people all over the world all while nurturing my husband’s career and nourishing all of those relationships along the way.

We live in a people world, surrounded by more extraordinary people than you realize and we want to see it all. especially through the eyes of our children.

I’m Lydia, the primary face and words of The Wild Bradbury Family. I love all things outdoors and the occasional day of doing nothing but looking at home decor magazines and drinking coffee. I really like coffee. My love of travel has been a huge part of my personality for as long as I can remember, but a very prominent part of my adult life for the last 13 years. I married my husband with the intent to continue adventuring. We have welcomed four boys in the last 6.5 years (three living) and continue to say “yes” to as many opportunities as we can. I hope to pass some of that mentality onto my readers, but most importantly inspire you to be as authentic to yourself as you can possibly be.

Though “spare time” is not a term I use often, with it, I love dancing, singing and sewing. I tolerate running because it keeps the crazy under control. I LOVE gardening when our military home is “permanent” enough to do it, but mostly I adore meeting new people and collecting stories. Stories of my own, stories of others.

My undergraduate degree is in Anthropology with an emphasis on Archaeology. My Masters degree is in Museum Science with an emphasis on exhibit design and organic preservation. I love all the old things as my husband would say and I try to find ways to incorporate that love into our daily lives. I met my husband just weeks after returning to University from living abroad in Greece. We have been married 8 years this year. In those 8 years we have lived in soon-to-be 7 states (duty stations) and welcomed four children.

This is my husband Greg. He is the numbers guy, the yes to adventure guy, the level head to my gypsy spirit. Though he has a very demanding job (Marine Corps Pilot) that takes him far away from home more times than not he does enjoy traveling and exploring when time allows. His hardest job might be that he has to tell me “no” regularly in order to maintain his sanity, but he is my biggest supporter and biggest pusher of the dream as well.

He is truly passionate about two things; flying and finances. He will willingly talk about one or the other for an undetermined amount of time. He loves all flying deeply, but is most passionate about fixed wing and kites! Greg’s “Spare time” is spent on the beach with his stunt kites and a GoPro camera.

In case you were wondering, we met in a history class in college. Our relationship has been one that developed over time; from hate to tolerance to lust to love back to tolerance back to love to friendship and finally a nice combination of all of the above.

This is Luxor, we call him Lux for short. He is our oldest son and by far the one that most resembles his mother’s passion for all things. He lives life head first, which means he is usually the first one in the emergency room for an injury. If you ask him what his favorite things to do are he will say being outside and doing science experiments. He also loves to draw and occasionally writes comic strips.

If you ask him what his favorite places are that we have been to he would say Mexico and Poland. He is loud, naturally, his speaking voice is deafening, but his energy is infectious as well. He is our kinetic learner. Good with numbers and all things physically demanding. He doesn’t seem to feel the heat or cold. As long as there’s open space, trees to climb and insects to collect he is happy. Lux was born in Missouri.

This is Mr. Rhodes, we call him by all sorts of things “Rho Rho” “Rho” “Rotor” he responds to them all unless he is pretending to be a ninja in which case he only goes by “Skeeter Buckski the Peeking Ninja.” He is our compassionate soul. Lover of all animals and highly enjoys things like fishing and going for walks, while the rest of us require more speed and excitement, Rho is genuinely humbled by the little things.

He is a constant reminder of what living contently looks like. He is the first one to help without being asked and would give his last gummy bear to anyone. He doesn’t seem to possess hate at all. He is really good at writing and reading even at barely 5 years old, but struggles hard with life skills. He is our first left handed child and was born in Florida.

Atlas, our third son and by far the biggest Ham of them all. He knows how to work every curl to get exactly what he wants and usually does. He loves people and is so in tune with everyone’s emotions all the time. Very intuitive little guy, but when he is finished for the day you better heed the warning.

He came into this world under the New Moon of Sagittarius and has been obsessed with the moon ever since. He loves all things nature like his oldest brother and wants to be outside the moment his eyes open, which is also appropriate sense he was born outside while stationed in North Carolina.

His self-awareness at such a young age is AMAZING. He is also proving to be a lefty like big brother Rhodes.

Miss Attica, our grand finale baby, joined our family on March 31, 2020. Only time will tell how big of a personality she possesses, but I imagine it to be rather fierce. She is so loved by all of us, but especially so by these big brothers.