Tired As a Mother by Choice

Across the blogging, Facebook worlds I have noticed a major influx in articles and statements about “not over scheduling” your children, yourself, your family. I have watched acquaintances have more and more children and stop all of the extracurriculars all together in the name of fairness, exhaustion, sanity.

I will never tell you to choose busy over your sanity, but I will say:

“You will be tired regardless. You will feel guilt regardless. You will feel too busy regardless. So you might as well say “yes” and give opportunities.”

This is the part where I say “I swear I’m not a robot.” I truly feel exhaustion. Matter of fact, at 8.5 months pregnant with kiddo number 4, I feel more exhausted than I have ever felt in my adult life. Yet, I continue to say “yes.” Yes, to essentially everything that strikes a passion in my children.

Our schedule right now is as “busy” as it has ever been to my knowledge, but when I’m sitting at the baseball diamond at sunset holding a toddler in a blanket cheering on his brother’s batting practice I don’t feel tiredness or busy, I feel his joy. Both of their joy.

If you have been gifted children who don’t present to be naturally and passionately drawn to something then enjoy your down time. Busyness IS NOT A COMPETITION. Somehow, as post 2000s mothers, the new way of “keeping up with the Jones'” has very little to do with material things and EVERYTHING to do with “who is the better supermom.” Supermom is not a real title. Supermom, indicates that you are entitled and think you are doing better than everyone else.

I understand that hearing this from “me” someone who keeps herself and family especially busy may seem like I’m being a hypocrite. But, here’s how the busyness of our lives actually translates from paper planner to chauffeur logistics.

Our children are involved in numerous “extracurriculars” for lack of a better term. Weekly, we have baseball (practice or game) 7 times on 5 to 6 different days. They also have rock climbing for 2 hours once per week, lego robotics class for an hour once per week, parkour gymnastics class for 1 hour per week, a full day field trip on Wednesdays, and 2 hours of cub scouts once per week.

I haven’t mentioned my own passions yet. All of the writing, videography, photo taking and blogging that I do every night from 8 to 11 pm, the shopping, menu planning, homeschooling for 25 hours per week, lesson planning, midwife appointments, volunteering, gardening, cleaning, etc.

We are “busy” by all standards. So busy, but it’s not because I’m competing in some mythological race. We are passionate people. So passionate in fact that we cannot decide what we enjoy most and for now we do not have to decide. I do not want my children to grow up and think “wow, I’m really good at this, I wish I would have pursued this when I was younger. I wonder how good I’d be at this if I had had that opportunity.”

I choose to be tired. I choose to say “yes” when our boys want to try something new so that they can explore a potential life long passion. I am busy BY CHOICE because I want to offer them the opportunities to explore anything that sets their soul a fire. They are only this little, this curious and mine for such a short amount of time.

If you are feeling too busy, if you are feeling burnt out just know that so am I and yet I’d choose this continuously. I don’t ever want our children to think that our family size is why they didn’t get to play rugby. That their little brother’s nap schedule was more important than their dreams of being an American Ninja Warrior. They were chosen for my care and therefore I’ll choose them and their passions over sleep any day.

Episode 22: A Shift In Spirituality

This is a big one. A huge change that occurred this year for our family and primarily for me. Spirituality is sensitive, it’s ever present, it’s strong, accessible and easy to hide if need be. I’m putting it out there. Way out there.

In this Episode of The Wild Bradbury Podcast I discuss:

  • How my religious views changed with the death of our baby.
  • Tying our passions to a faith.
  • Where is God in Grief?
  • What does changing religions look like for us?

Here is the live recording on Youtube!

Thank you so much for being here, I hope you find some inspiration in your week and some humor.

Episode 21: Acclimating to Diet Changes and Costs Abroad

In this Episode of The Wild Bradbury Podcast I discuss:

  • The food situation abroad. 
  • The challenges you may face trying to travel with kids with food sensitivities.
  • Food allergies and picky eaters abroad.
  • Cost effectiveness of markets and grocery stores.

The wonderful photo of my gluten free boy eating his way through Europe that I promised you:

Live recording of the podcast episode is also on YouTube!

As always, thank you for listening! Your presence here means so much to me.

Episode 20: Ever Changing Education

In this Episode of The Wild Bradbury Podcast I discuss:

– The confidence it takes to homeschool.
– How homeschooling is ever changing.
– The new dynamics of our school table with 3 kids instead of 2.
– Curriculum Changes.
– Child learning styles and needs.
– Charter Schools
– Goals and inspiration for longterm success.

If you’d like to watch me record, click the video below:

As always, thank you for joining me.

Kudo Kids Backyard Fun

This year, for School, we finally invested in some Kudo Kids museum quality equipment! My children were first exposed to this rubber ramp and ball set at a children’s book store in Jacksonville, NC. Three years and two kids later we were all still thinking about this set. Some of the best learning happens through play and if I can steer their play towards ramp engineering then so be it! Since this video was taken they have perfected this ramp and maximized its capabilities.

Kudo Kids, traditionally sells children museum quality play installments, but some of their products work wonderful in the in-home classroom. We also have the Kudo Kids scale system and sensory sifting gear. All of the above gets lots of outdoor use. I don’t receive any sort of affiliate anything from Kudo. I’m just a homeschooling mom who is a big fan of the products they offer! I wish I could easily afford more, but the catalog is ultimately designed for large museum investments.

As a mom that is not a fan of battery operated, light up style toys, I am always on the look out for quality products that offer endless possibilities of play.

Episode 19-Revolutionizing the New Year Resolution

Happy New Year!! I hope you celebrated with loved ones and friends last night, but if today you find yourself making those resolutions and sending them out into the universe and taking them to heart please listen here first! Set yourself up for 2020 success and mindfulness of your bigger goals, the bigger picture of what your schedule and time provide and set resolutions that help you accomplish those goals!

Focusing on:

-The habits of successful people.
-Riding your year of people and things that no longer serve you.
-Changing your resolution structure. 
-Making resolutions that you can stick to and that aid you along your year long goals.

If you’d rather watch me record 🙂

As always, thank you for listening and watching. The support I have received in the last few weeks here on the blog has been insanely encouraging and a very motivating way to enter 2020. Thank you so much for being here.

Episode 18-Season Spaces and Your Seasonal Sanity

In this Episode of The Wild Bradbury Podcast I do a follow up on the importance of spaces in your home, especially so during the holiday season. The rules I follow to manage my small home.

  • How I decorated my small space to make it feel warm and festive without being claustrophobic.
  • Making space for new things.
  • Every toy has a home moms.
  • How to get gift chaos put away and controlled so you can focus on hosting that big dinner.
  • Not purchasing things that do not have a place within your home.
  • Hanging on to things due to sentimental guilt.
  • You don’t owe ANYONE space within your home.

These are a few of our decorated spaces. . .

I hang fresh greenery and lots of it! A simple Dickens Christmas accessory. I adore the smells, the pops of green and it is high enough that the children cannot mess with it much! It is also very easy to make yourself or can be purchased from just about anywhere. The BEST PART is that you don’t have to store it from year to year. When it dries and no longer serves you, you can burn it in a fire pit or put it out with the “Green Recycling.” The Greenery takes up no space in your life long term, but makes for a stunning and festive ambience.

My children love to craft ALL THE THINGS!! I decorate with their festive creations each and every year. The boys are far less likely to mess with mommy’s decorations if they are self made. They don’t want to destroy anything they worked hard on. THEREFORE, I also put their decorations on things that I do not want them to touch. For example, the homemade snow owl pinecones are on the back of my stove (I do not want them touching the stove).

In case you prefer to watch the podcast recording on YouTube, here you go!

As always, thank you so much for watching and listening, viewing and liking, it never goes unnoticed or unappreciated! Take care of yourself and each other.

Blessed Yule Preparations

Posted by The Wild Bradburys on Saturday, December 21, 2019

We are over halfway through the twelve days of Yule and the festivities are in full swing! Our first night was surrounded in Solstice light and the warmth of our Yule log. I’ll post a final run down of how our holiday unfolded once it is complete!

Thank you for joining us, we are wishing you light in the darkness.

Hallstatt On My Mind

I must have dreamed about this place last night. I woke up this December morning with Hallstatt, Austria heavily on my mind. One of the hardest parts about traveling, in my opinion, is that you fall in love with locations, populations of people, cultures as you go. When you go to plan another trip you feel draw to return to that feeling you felt at a place you’ve already visited, but your adventurous spirit wants to see it all. If I could return time and time again to two countries; they would be Greece and Austria. I adore them both so strongly for entirely different reasons and feelings.

Austrian culture tends to be embedded with a deep love of architecture and respect for all things tradition and craftsmanship. I do not know if everyone feels the same draw after visiting Austria, or if its a deep respect I’ve gained for that mindset through my upbringing and archaeological degrees, but I love it so. I would love to hear others experience’s in Austria, as mine seems to be a perfect memory of strudels in Hallstatt, Mozart and long walks in Salzburg and History immersion in Vienna. I’m hoping to revisit these feelings the Fall, while adding a little new adventure as well.

Fort Macon Beach, North Carolina

I received a few requests as of late for more photos and videos. For those that are only following our blog and none of our other platforms I will start moving some of our youtube channel content over to the blog as well! Although we are now stationed in San Diego, CA and it has its own beach atmosphere, I think I will always love the beaches of North Carolina more. If not for the amazing shelling opportunities then for the fact that you can actually be alone on the beach. . .