The Plan

We are in our final days here in North Carolina and lots of last minute preparation is taking place. Some annoying things like returning the internet modem, putting mail on hold, packing the cough syrup and some deep, painful, serious things like saying farewell for now to life long friends, soaking in the giggles of their children because they will be much more grown the next time I see them. Taking all of the last photos because they may not be here when we get back and someday we may need to show our tweens that they were siblings once, military siblings. 


Before we set off on the first leg of this adventure; I wanted to share with everyone our tentative plan. Below I’ve mapped out our route through August. You will be able to follow us here on the blog, facebook and instagram as well, but here is what exists of “the plan.”


Current Countries List:





Croatia?? Maybe??


I will be working along the way in Greece and Italy. I have just accepted a position as the Archaeologist in Residence at Kalikalos in the Pelion region of Greece for the month of June.


I will also be working in Tuscany, Italy for a month performing an archaeological survey and organic preservation analysis of the Ristonchi Castle. The castle is the end of my current plan. 


We hope that you follow along, comment, put in photo requests or any location recommendations that you might have and most of all we hope you feel the urge for adventure from watching ours. Stay tuned. . .things are about to get more interesting.


Author: thewildbradburys

Homeschooling, natural minded mama to 3 boys. Military spouse. Avid adventurer and explorer. Wanderlust driven. worldschooling mom.

5 thoughts on “The Plan”

  1. You amaze me Lydia.. what an adventure you are going to have anyway with 3 boys… but working
    Be safe, have fun and include lots of pictures.


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