What is up with the Bradburys?

Hello there Edventurers! 

What is going on with us? Well, everything and nothing, all at the same time. If you haven’t noticed; we have left Europe and are back on U.S. soil… .You will be hearing extensively about our European stops for the next 8 months, but in the meantime, we are trying to establish a new life stateside as well. A lot has happened in the last four months. The biggest thing is Greg switching aircraft. I’m going to go into detail about this a little bit as most of our family, friends, and followers are not military. Back in July, Greg was selected to transition to flying his dream aircraft the C130 Hercules. For the last four years, he has been flying the UH1 Huey helicopter. 


He was flying the helicopter in the photo and is now transitioning to fly the big airplane in the photo.

This is RIDICULOUSLY exciting news, BUT it comes with its own slew of new issues. The main thing is that it requires him to go back to “school” known as FRD for 5 months. This school is located in Cherry Point MCAS, which is the area you have recently seen on the news under 40 inches of rain from hurricane Florence. His FRD program begins in January, but he is supposed to report there October 1. Issue number two, because we forfeited our on-base house back in May, my husband is now homeless and living in his car in between switching duty stations and awaiting orders. Once he gets orders to the new air station he can get a house. . .

Issue number three: hurricane Florence swooped in. The area we were planning on moving to for FRD is now under water and we have no idea what housing will actually be available to us when he reports October 1. Issue number four: we still do not know the status of all of our material possessions. It is in a storage unit in Jacksonville, North Carolina. It really doesn’t matter at this point, but it is an extra factor in the already complicated equation. Finally, issue number five: we still do not have fleet orders. So we do not know where we will be going next summer when Greg’s training is complete. Our fleet tour will be 3 to 4 years. Though this is a little farther out date-wise, it would be nice to know where we will be stationed because it may ultimately change the housing options for us in North Carolina. If we are to be stationed there, we will most likely purchase a home. If we are only there for 5 months, then we will rent, etc.

The kids and I did not return to North Carolina from Europe. There has been some confusion from readers asking about our evacuation. The kids and I did not evacuate at all, we have not been there since mid-march. My husband and our storage unit are there though and of course the dozens and dozens of friends and military sisters that we call family. 

There’s No Place Like Home

The kids and I are settling into a routine of sorts back in Kansas and Missouri. We are spending half the week in Bonner Springs, KS with in-laws and cousins and the other half in Boonville, MO with my dad and brother (these are just over 2 hours apart). The absolute best thing for us right now is routine. It distracts from the culture shock a bit and helps the kids feel “settled” during this time of pure upheaval. Old family traditions are being mandated back into action (i.e. homemade pizza Fridays). We are busy visiting, playing and decompressing. I am getting MUCH needed alone time after months and months of 24/7 on-call mommin’. The kids are getting much-needed attention from other adults and building on those cousin and family relationships. 


The 6 younger cousins. All boys, alternating years, ranging from 7 to almost 2.

They are growing in leaps and bounds. Lux is losing teeth and the other two are cast free and playing hard trying to catch up on lost time. We are excited about what the year holds; forest school, new homeschool curriculum, baseball, holidays, two moves and being back with daddy on a consistent basis. We are also constantly planning the next big edventure.


What are the Future Travel Plans???

EVERYONE wants to know what we are doing next! I love the enthusiasm and interest. We will be stateside for the next year. That is an absolute, as we desperately need time as a whole family and we have two moves on the horizon better done together. What I do know is that Greg and I are hashing out an international travel plan together that allows for the boys to play sports and not miss out on everything stateside while still traveling consistently. The most recent conversation was stateside March through November and traveling December through February. This is not a bad plan at all and may be entirely feasible. Time will tell. A perfect scenario, in my opinion, is four months stateside and two months gone rotation. Right now we are not planning anything until after our summer move, but a Spain, Portugal, and Wales trip with good friends has been proposed and a fall Mexico trip is highly likely. All of the readers will get a chance to vote on future Edventures once we know what coast we would be flying out of! In the meantime, we will be covering the U.S. by car, hopefully finding a home, loving on each other and learning everything we can.



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